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      Keywords: Galvanized steel bridge Epoxy composite bridge

      About Us

      Hebei Jingji Explosion-proof Electrical Instrument Co., Ltd. was founded in 1976, in 1993 a joint venture with Taiwan. The company is located in 106 State Road, Jizhou former Kowloon Railway Hengshui Feng Industrial Zone, 25 kilometers south of the station, convenient transportation. The company covers an area of 58,000 square meters, existing staff of 680 people.

      The company is the national Bureau of Petroleum and Chemical Industry sentinel production enterprises, was named Hebei Administration for Industry and Commerce, "the contract and trustworthy" business, has been named Jizhou Quality and Technical Supervision trust units, the company made explosion-proof electrical, corrosion appliances, composite epoxy composite (within deposited metal skeleton), anti-corrosion steel and fiberglass, the cable industry's first line bridge enterprises, including composite epoxy composite cable tray: a strong anti-corrosion, strong flame, large capacity, long life and other features, is China petrochemical Group company materials and equipment market of plant resources, China National Petroleum corporation, a network provider companies.

      Contact Us

      Hebei Jingji Explosion-proof Electrical Instrument Co., Ltd.
      Sales Phone:0086-318-6175899
      Zipcode: 053203
      Add:QianFeng industrial zone,Jizhou city,Hebei province,China


      Our Advantages

      Our Advantages
      Registered capital of 100.08 million
      Plant area of 96000 square meters
      Sinopec, PetroChina, CNOOC network business
      North China's largest production base for cable tray
      There are more than 150 proof electrical series over 800 standard models
      • About Us

        No pre-interest channel space, in the same grade products in the lowest price, supported by cash on delivery.
      • Projects

        The company's quality objectives: product qualification rate strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction rate of 100%.
      • Service

        Countries with explosion-proof electrical industrial park - Hebei Jizhou industrial base, global radiation protection of production and delivery speed.
      • Technology patents

        After many years, creating a plurality of first explosion-proof electrical industry, made a number of patented inventions certificate.
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